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Aluminium Ships Bulkhead Passage Light

Aluminium Bulkhead Passage Light

Stylish cast aluminium bulkhead inspired by the original fittings we can no longer salvage

Elegant cast aluminium cage over clear glass

These super lights lend themselves to all styles of decor, home and retail design projects

Due to not being able to source these superb ships bulkhead lights anymore, these are a reluctant remake of the originals we had found on cargo ships and supertankers. When we remake the original we once had , we make them to the exacting quality and weight of the original lights

Fitted with a new CE certified bulb holder , easy to wire and  easy access for changing the bulb

The quality of these lights are superior to many cheaper alternatives on the market

Dimensions : 

25cms x 12cms 10in x 5in

Weight. 2.2kg


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