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Brazilian Slate Flooring Slate Dark Grey 10mm

Calibrated 10mm Brazilian riven slate tiles. Extremely durable so perfect for residential or commercial use. Easy to install and maintain, wonderful soft riven texture with the bonus of a machined underside. 

Coupled with machine cut edges which aids ease of installation and grouting. This versatile stone is perfect for all areas and is especially suitable for areas with water contact such as kitchens, swimming pools, wet rooms and bathrooms 

Slate flooring provides the ideal medium for storing and transferring the heat supplied by ‘under floor heating systems’ (wet or electrical). It has been claimed that a similar level of comfort is achieved at a temperature 2 degrees lower than with conventional radiators. Wall radiators are convectors, heating the air (from the ceiling down); using under floor heating the whole floor area emits heat. Other advantages include the freedom to site furniture, fewer dust traps, lower risk of injury from hot radiators and in bath/wet rooms the floors will dry more quickly. 

Large quantity in stock.

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