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Making the most of it...

February 17, 2016

Making the most of it...


Last week we were given the pleasure of delivering post-close to a couple that have become regular customers of late in the Cornish village of Rilla Mill.

The pleasure being found principally in that the couple have recently relocated from London and sought to “Escape to the Country” with their two teenage sons. In pursuit of the dream they managed to purchase an adorable cottage in the heart of this little known spot, spending the twelve months that followed lovingly restoring every inch of the property using imagination and ingenuity to not only maintain but enhance the existing spaces and features. A neighbour had initially recommended them to us as a place to pick up ideas and architecturally appropriate materials for the refurbishment.

It is always great to see our pieces in-situ however it was truly inspiring on this occasion to see how the raw materials purchased at the yard and even in our minds finished articles, had been adapted and made the most of to create not only a stunning interior but also functional pieces suited to the way the family use their home. Apple crates became a feature book case, a vintage carpenter’s bench had been modified to house a gas hob as well as storing the usual suspects in terms of pots and pans, scaffold boards left in their original states are now gorgeous over mantle shelves and a handmade wine rack created by our joiner from terracotta drain pipe stood in pride of place in the kitchen.

In a small and somewhat unforgiving space as is so often the case with period properties it can be a huge challenge to design and furnish appropriately to make the space work for you rather than original inhabitants. This vision had been extended with the most recent purchase and the day’s delivery – a set of Bavarian Beer Keller folding benches and table. In what is a slender dining room in which traditional chairs would have been almost out of the question, it simply was the perfect fit and could easily seat up to 8 people with no compromise in the room itself.

 Hence the excitement of this particular delivery, we felt completely invigorated on leaving the property and genuinely inspired to make more of every piece we have, not only in terms of reclaiming what might otherwise have been overlooked but also with ways to re-imagine and repurpose entirely. It goes to show that with a little imagination and the bravery to step away from the catalogues our homes can say so much more about us not only in terms of whom we are but how we live.

In terms of “making the most of it”, further enjoyment was to be had in the finding of a local pub in the village thanks to the guidance of our customers – The Manor House Inn at Rilla Mill. In the spirit of never wasting a trip, we were more than excited as always to find a quaint little pub tucked away in a place that but for Stax we would never necessarily have ventured to. If you haven’t been and are planning a Cornish break over the half term period, go. What we discovered having initially walked straight past the front door was a traditional dog-friendly country pub with a warming wood burning stove and great selection of local ales. The home-cooked menu featured locally sourced produce lovingly crafted into delicious meals. Delivery or not, we will definitely be heading back.

In all, make the most of everything and every opportunity. The Stax Team x


Bavarian Bar Table & Bench

The Manor House Rilla Mill

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