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July 20, 2015

From all of us at Stax, welcome to www.staxreclamation.com...

Established in 1995, Stax is a family run business specialising in architectural salvage and reclaimed building materials. Now, coming into our 20th year and with new members added to the team the business has evolved and we now actively seek to source antique furniture along with other items in whole or in part to restore, revive and re-imagine.

Our core principles remaining strong, we ensure that our pieces are treated with the greatest care and understanding.

For us, the best part of the job is getting out on the road and hunting for new stock whether it is a specific piece for a specific person or something that purely captures the imagination of the team. On that note, should you require something in particular that you have not seen on the site or in store the odds are that we can source, make or paint it on your behalf.

The purpose of this blog is to showcase some of our most weird and wonderful items, with a view to inspiring you to use reclaimed materials or furniture in your own home whatever it may be. Bungalow, barn, farmhouse, council estate, pub, or semi-detached suburban wonderland we have seen it all. Not only does a hand-made or personalised piece add a unique touch to a home or place of business, we strongly believe in ditching the throw-away culture and enjoying the craftsmanship of the past.

In doing so and through use of non-toxic paint, reclaimed materials and time honoured methods we also hope to reduce our impact on the environment. Recycling is not headline news; we are all used to washing out cans of beans. What is big news is the up-cycle. One of our favourite words here at Stax. Far from forking out for the same shiny thing as your neighbour, we believe that one should save the polar bears and breathe life into the pieces of the past.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first blog and we do hope to hear from you soon.

Should you wish to get in touch please see our contact page – www.staxreclamation.com/pages/contactus

Kind regards,

The Stax Team

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