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Everything Deserves a Second Chance

December 12, 2022

reclamation yard in saltash

Here at Stax we believe that everything deserves a second chance. By salvaging, repurposing and reclaiming old items, we are not only helping to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and transporting new products, but we give beautifully unique pieces a second chance at life. 

From day one we have always taken pride in the quality of the reclaimed and salvaged items we stock. In addition to more traditional salvage items, our beautiful indoor showroom is full of all manner of unique and interesting treasures for your home and garden. From furniture, vintage lighting and fireplaces, to pieces we've made ourselves, garden ornaments, gifts and candles, our clients always find exactly what they're looking for here at Stax. 

reclaimed furniture

Invest in Tomorrow

We are passionate about saving architectural treasures and keeping good quality materials out of landfill. From house clearances to old pubs, chapels to factory demolitions, we believe that one person's trash is another person's treasure. Why get rid of these riches if we can breathe new life into them and ensure they continue to give pleasure to others for years to come?

The beauty of a repurposed piece of ironmongery or reclaimed wooden flooring is impossible to ignore. There's just something so special about items with a story to tell which sets them apart from new reproductions. We source unique pieces from all over the UK and we love nothing more than unearthing a particular piece which we know our loyal customers will love.  

Have Something to Sell?

Everyone is feeling the pinch at the moment. If you have any top-quality items in the home which you no longer need, why not get in touch and see if we can buy them from you? The more interesting and unusual the property or product, the more excited we get! If you have peruse our stock you'll get a good idea for the kind of items we are looking for

If you have timber, stone or bricks which you think will be of interest to us, large quantities of good quality building materials are always better and more likely to sell. If you have interesting antiques or unusual artefacts and signage looking for a new home, we like to have a record of the provenance of an item, including the date of manufacture, from where it was removed, and any previous owners.  

We are always happy to hear from you!  All you need to do is contact us with an image, brief description (condition, dimensions, quantity available and location) and we'll get in touch if they are of interest make an offer accordingly. Alternatively, if you wish to visit us and bring your item(s) along with you, please call us to advise and we will arrange for you to meet a member of the Stax team. Depending on the item(s) in question, we can sometimes collect from the Devon/Cornwall area, so get in touch and let's do business!



NBWe will not purchase any items which we believe may have been unlawfully obtained, in accordance with the Salvo Code for dealers who trade in architectural antiques, antique garden ornaments and reclaimed building materials. This code aims to give customers greater confidence that items which they buy have not been stolen or removed from protected historic buildings without permission.

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