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Garden Design Ideas to Maximise Your Outdoors

October 06, 2021

garden ornaments plymouth

Reclaimed Garden Ornaments Plymouth

Adding personality to your garden with garden statues, fountains, bird feeders and other garden ornaments is a simple way of elevating your outdoor space. Using outdoor ornaments to add character to your scheme will ensure that you have a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy for years to come. Whether you're looking to overhaul your outdoor space, or want some more tailored garden design inspiration such as planters and troughs, paving, garden furniture,  fountains,  sundials, reclaimed scaffold boards and more, we have it all here at Stax Reclamation. 

Here are some of our favourite garden design ideas using reclaimed outdoor garden ornaments and interesting outdoor artefacts, all of which can be found here in Plymouth's most extensive outdoor furniture and garden ornament collection. Whether your garden is big or small, we hope that these ideas will help inspire you to give your outdoor space a renewed lease of life (and it will add value to your property too). 

1) Define the Lawn With Reclaimed Edging

When you look out the window at your garden, the biggest thing you’ll see will probably be your lawn. Making sure your lawn is in tip top condition won’t only raise your garden game, but will vastly improve the outlook of your outdoor space too. Whether it’s rectangle, square or triangular, marking out a clearly defined edge of your lawn is vital to give your garden a well-kept look. Victorian rope edging such as this example below provides the perfect finish to the formal courtyard patio or is ideal for edging a rose walkway too. 


2) Reclaimed Planters and Troughs

Whether your garden is vast and far-reaching, or a sweet courtyard sun trap, reclaimed planters and troughs are the perfect addition and offer versatility as you can move them around easily to suit your garden design. Narrow, low-planted beds can define seating or dining areas, as can lines of planted-up troughs – choose evergreen scented plants such as lavender or rosemary (which the bees love too). Old reclaimed granite troughs will provide an authentic addition to any garden and will stand the test of time, whilst reclaimed stone urns used as planters give a touch of elegance. 

3) Add Beautiful Reclaimed Paving

Whether you use reclaimed paving to create a stepping path out to the outhouse, or use it to create a sitting area for the patio dining set, paving can add definition to any part of your garden, large or small. We often stock interesting reclaimed paving such as this Victorian chocolate paving and reclaimed Delabole slate flagstone flooring,  but our stock rotates all the time so it’s best to pop in to see our garden ornament collection at Stax to see what treasures we have unearthed this week! 

victorian chocolate block paving

4) Quirky Outdoor Ornaments

The beauty of designing your own garden is that it is yours to do with exactly as you please. You can tear up the rule book and add all manner of interesting artefacts which make you smile and bring happiness to your outdoor space. If you want a whole legion of reclaimed gargoyles to greet you as you stroll out onto your lawn, do it. If you want some beautiful reclaimed carved decorative stone corbels to edge your garden pond, we reckon the frogs would love it! If you want to enhance your outdoor seating area with the addition of exterior nautical lighting, that’s your prerogative! Or maybe a collection of armillary spheres to make your garden as individual as you are... Whatever your whims, we love seeing our customers get creative once they immerse themselves in the treasure trove of finds in our yard, individuality is what makes the world such a beautiful place!

armillary spheres cornwall

5) Decking Inspiration

Looking for decking ideas? If you have an uneven or sloped garden, decking is an ideal and cost-effective option for leveling it out. Decking can also have split levels and include steps, making it the ideal space for dining furniture, and due to its use, a decked garden area typically needs to withstand heavy foot traffic. We sell loads and loads of reclaimed scaffold boards which people like to use as decking due to the unique grain effect and relatively low cost. We also sell reclaimed railway sleepers which provide a beautifully rich, strong wood to use for decking and edging alike. We regularly get deliveries of sleepers and scaffold boards but they sell out almost as fast as we can stock them, so keep an eye on our Facebook page to see when we get our next influx.

6) Locally Handmade Stone Garden Ornaments

We work with a skilled stonemason who creates beautifully unique handmade stone garden ornaments, statues, dogs and columns which provide a more affordable alternative to the reclaimed antique garden ornaments. All of the stone ornaments are handmade in Devon made from locally-sourced Westcountry stone. The beauty of buying new is that if you are after something specific, you can guarantee that we (probably!) have it in stock. Have a look below and see what stone garden ornaments you'll choose to adorn your outdoors...

stone lion garden ornaments

Whatever you're looking for to enhance your garden, we probably have it (along with things you never knew you wanted!) here at Stax Reclamation. Pop in to our showroom near Saltash, view the treasure trove of finds and see where your imagination takes you... 


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