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Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

January 25, 2023

update your garden for spring

It might seem a little early to be thinking about Spring. There is still frost on the ground, a chilly nip in the air, and there's even a dusting of snow up on high ground. However, if you look closely enough you can see the first tentative shoots of daffodils appearing and tiny lambs frolicking in the fields. Spring is just around the corner so its time to get your garden prepped and ready for this beautiful season. As well as dead-heading flowers and clearing beds ready for new life, this is the time of year to update your outdoor space and make it ready for a summer of sunshine!

Reclaimed Garden Furniture

Your garden should be an extension of your living space. It should be welcoming and relaxing, a place to enjoy sociable gatherings and a place to make you smile. Whether you're looking for a garden bench to provide a place to sit and watch the world go by, or an arched mirror to bounce the sunlight around your courtyard, adorning your garden with things which bring you joy will enhance your outside space and make it feel like home. 

garden mirrors

Unusual Garden Planters

Pots and containers filled with an array of plants are an ideal way to bring a splash of colour to patios and seating areas. If you're looking for a quirky way to display plants and shrubs in the garden, we have a wide range of interesting planters to help your garden bloom. Using reclaimed chimney pots as garden planters provides a real focal point for your garden and can make a striking feature when used in pairs or groups. 

reclaimed chimney pots

Opting for unusual garden planters really gives your outside space a big dose of personality, providing a unique way to display your garden flowers and make a statement. This vintage zinc bath tub planter would work amazingly on a patio setting filled to the brim with colourful blooms.  

unusual garden planters

Or why not consider a reclaimed galvanised oyster bucket for your perennials or herbs? These look fabulous en masse and the slits offer great drainage too. The rusted handles only add to the charm... 

oyster bucket planter

If you prefer a more traditional look, why not consider a Cornish granite planter for your shrubs? Complete with drainage holes, these granite planters are hard-wearing and perfect for use on patios, decking and balconies alike. They can also be used as a source of water for birds and insects which is crucial for encouraging wildlife in the summer months. 

cornish granite trough
granite trough

Garden Sleepers

Using reclaimed wood is a timeless way to add character to your home and garden. Softwood green treated sleepers are a great natural material for any landscaping project, ranging from constructing planters with raised beds or borders and seating areas to setting boundaries and edgings. They are also a great choice for decking, terraces and walkways. Whatever your needs, we have a range of reclaimed sleepers, softwood sleepers and oak bollards to make your garden the beautiful space you always dreamed of. 

garden sleepers


Locally Handmade Garden Ornaments

We work with a skilled stonemason who creates beautifully unique handmade stone garden ornaments, statues, dogs and columns which provide a more affordable alternative to the reclaimed antique garden ornaments. All of the stone ornaments are handmade in Devon made from locally-sourced Westcountry stone. The beauty of buying new is that if you are after something specific, you can guarantee that we (probably!) have it in stock. Have a look below and see what stone garden ornaments you'll choose to adorn your outdoors...
stone gargoyle
stone plinth

Decorative Stone

Whether used indoors or outdoors, our reclaimed decorative stone corbels and carved stone ornaments make a true statement. We hold a wide collection of reclaimed architecturally-interesting hand-carved decorative stone, reclaimed stone sinks, horse troughs and everything in between.

decorative stone for the garden
gate posts

Updating Your Garden

We are immensely proud of the collection of garden and outdoor reclamation we have here at our reclamation yard in Saltash. From sleepers and ornaments, to plantersgarden furniture, gate posts and so much more, come and see our collection of garden and outdoor pieces to take your outside space from 'meh' to 'wow'.
We are always interested in any antique or unusual items you may have. Send us your photos and details and we will be in touch.

Collection can be made by appointment or freely during business hours of 09:00am until 4pm Monday - Friday and 9am until Midday on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays.

For international shipping enquiries and estimates please call (+)44 01752 849 111 or email info@staxreclamation.com.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you around... 

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