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Interior Design Trends for 2024

September 17, 2023

Interior Design Trends for 2024

Yes, it might be a few months until the new year rolls around, but the forward-planners among you might already be thinking about interior design trends for 2024 and how you can adapt them to suit your individual home style. 

The new year's interior design trends are all about using colours, textures, and materials in a fresh, new, and innovative way. There will be an emphasis on surrounding yourself with things that make you happy - from rotating cocktail cabinets to decadent light fittings and anything that's a bit dramatic and playful, you'll see it all gracing the interior design magazine pages in the coming year. 

5 Interior Design Trends for 2024

1. Reclaimed Tiles 

Here at Stax our focus is on reusing, sustainability, and being as eco-conscious as possible. One of the 2024 design trends we'll be jumping on board with will be the reclaimed or vintage-inspired aesthetic which is more popular than ever, in -particular reclaimed tiles. Moroccan and Zeligge tiles will be a growing trend over the coming months as people become inspired by the hand-hewn look and subtle earthy tones of classic square tiles in shades of taupe and cream. Keep an eye on our reclaimed tiles collection to see what we have online and pop in to the yard regularly to keep abreast of our constantly-updated stock.  

 reclaimed tiles

 2. Decorative Wall Lights

According to style bible Livingetc.com, decorative wall lights will be a huge trend for the coming season. Whether to adorn kitchen walls or bathrooms, unique standout wall lights are now shining stars in their own right, just hanging a little lower than you might expect. It's crucial to maximise the way the light falls on the wall, so rather than just hanging them and the usual head height, focus on putting wall lights lower on the wall to be more playful with how the light interacts with the space. Here at Stax we often preserve the visible signs of age that hint at the vintage light’s first story: where, when and how it was originally made and used, but ensure that it is beautifully restored to become a treasured part of your home.

nautical wall light

3. Hideaway Home Offices

More of us than ever before are working from home, and this year's latest trend is hideaway home offices which to the unassuming eye look like a drinks cabinet, a writing bureau, or perhaps an armoire. Disguising your laptop, paperwork and stationery within a beautiful reclaimed cabinet is a clever trick that will make your WFH station fits seamlessly with your interior space and ensures your mind doesn't drift towards the stresses of work when you're enjoying your downtime. Anyone can create a hideaway office by rethinking their existing furniture pieces or choosing items that can do double duty. 

reclaimed writing desk

 4. Al Fresco Bathing

One of the most popular new trends for 2024 will be al fresco bathing. Yes really! The cold water swimming movement has shown so many of us how submersing in cold water can have huge benefits for body, mind and soul, and this is now moving into our homes and gardens. Whilst many cold water swimming fans have installed ice bath plunge barrels into their gardens, the 2024 trend for al fresco bathing is a little more luxurious... those with a sense of adventure and style are installing bath tubs in their gardens so that they can enjoy al fresco bathing with a view to die for. Whether you enjoy a cold water dip, or plumb your bath in to the mains so that you can enjoy your outdoor bath hot and bubbly, this is one trend which we love the sound of. We sometimes have beautiful old reclaimed claw foot bath tubs in stock which would make a beautiful addition to your garden (or bathroom!) so keep a look out for when we next have some in stock!

outdoor bathing

  5. Earthy, Natural Tones

A big decorating trend for 2024 is natural, earthy, close-to-nature spaces. The teracotta and copper hues seen all over soft furnishings for this coming season will come into their own, whilst an emphasis on metals and stone will start to prevail. "Combining precious stone with interesting natural materials, warming metals and an interesting colour palette will be the go-to combination for luxury interiors", says designer Gabriel Scott.

See below an edit of our natural earthy-toned furniture, sturdy stonework and natural materials which would all work amazingly as a nod to this trend for the coming season... 

leather and metal chair

clay urn

hand carved bench

wooden sculpture


Whether you want to embrace a newly-found love of interiors, or have long been obsessed with sourcing beautiful, interesting artifacts to truly make your house a home, Stax has it all. We are open Monday to Friday 9am-4pm,a nd Saturday 9am to 12noon. We look forward to meeting you and showing you around our sprawling reclamation yard, it truly is a treasure trove of delights and you'll find exactly what you're looking for here at Stax!

Get in touch with any questions or to check if we have an item in stock, we're always here to help :)

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