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The Best Collection of Nautical Artefacts and Maritime Antiques in Plymouth

August 17, 2021

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The city of Plymouth boasts an inspiring, rich maritime heritage and is steeped in naval history. By exploring this vibrant city of ours, you can walk in the footsteps of the great adventurers and brave explorers who started their travels right here from the shores of Plymouth. Here at Stax we are proud to hold an amazing collection of nautical artefacts and maritime antiques in Plymouth and thought we’d explore the City’s seafaring history whilst we introduce you to some of our collectable treasures from the sea… 

Plymouth’s Rich Maritime History

From notable historic characters like Sir Walter Raleigh, right up until the nuclear-powered submarines of the 21st century, Plymouth has a rich and fascinating importance in Britain’s maritime history. In the early part of the 20th century, Devonport was the greatest naval port in the world, and is currently the largest naval base in Western Europe. 

One of our most famous seamen was Sir Francis Drake who became the first Englishman to sail into the Pacific in 1572, before embarking on the first ever circumnavigation of the globe on his galleon The Golden Hind in 1577. Rumour has it that he played bowls on Plymouth Hoe as the Armada sailed up the channel to defeat the Spanish Armada, and a statue to remember this notable figure still stands proudly on Plymouth Hoe today. 

Perhaps the most celebrated expedition ever to leave Plymouth was that of the Pilgrims, who set sail for the New World on board the Mayflower on 6th September 1620 and found America. The actual steps the Pilgrims left from no longer exist, but you can visit the commemorative granite block bearing the ship’s name on the Barbican which marks the approximate site. 

Plymouth’s seafaring history is a fascinating subject, which is perhaps why so many people like to collect maritime antiques and adorn their homes with unique and interesting nautical artefacts

Why Collect Maritime  Antiques?

Part of what makes maritime and nautical salvage so attractive to its collectors, is the sense of historical heritage associated with these objects which joins us to our city’s past. Maritime and nautical antiques hold that special quality of the otherworldliness of seafaring culture, and remind us how life was lived in days gone by. The maritime and nautical category is so vast; from ship mastheads to industrial nautical lighting, from antique compasses to vintage porthole windows, historic nautical instruments and even ancient shipping charts...there are so many salvaged maritime items which give us an insight into our nation’s seafaring history. Many nautical collections start with a maritime artefact passed down through the family, but if you aren’t lucky enough to have a seafaring relative with a collection of nautical artefacts, let Stax Reclamation do the salvaging for you...

Where Can I Buy Nautical Lighting in Plymouth?

One of our most popular items for which people come to us from all over the UK, is our collection of salvaged nautical lighting. The nautical lighting trend remains ever popular for interior designers and style aficionados alike, and we are one of the South West’s top suppliers of original nautical and industrial lighting. Due to its popularity there are countless high street shops now making second rate copies of industrial and nautical lighting, but the beauty of original nautical lighting is unparalleled. You can almost hear the whispers of times past with an original piece of maritime salvage - something you don’t get from replica nautical lighting.  

Take a look at some examples of our nautical lighting collection below: 

Nautical Wall Lights

Nautical Passage Wall Lights
Buy Now
This pair of brass and aluminum nautical passage wall lights will add a sense of class to any home. These nautical lights have been polished to a high shine and are ready to be wired.

nautical wall lights plymouth

Ornate Brass Gimbals
Buy Now
These detailed brass gimbals were once used to mount yacht lamps and are incredibly beautiful and ornate. Dating from 1910-1940, they would make a beautiful addition to any home. 

brass gimbals

    Copper Maritime Pendant Light
    Buy Now

    Inspired by salvaged lamps from mid-century American cargo ships, this copper pendant light is manufactured by Oceanic from hand spun copper with a steel cage.

    Maritime Antiques From Plymouth

    From ships’ wheels to antique propellers and everything in between, we regularly update our collection of maritime antiques and find new salvaged pieces all the time. We don't just find salvaged pieces from Plymouth, we scour the whole of the UK for exciting and rare finds. If you are a collector or maritime antiques, we advise popping in to our reclamation yard in Saltash regularly so you don’t miss the best bits! Here are some examples of the maritime antiques and collectables we sometimes stock… 

    Antique Brass Propeller
    Buy Now

    This large antique brass propeller has 3 blades and makes a striking feature in any coastal-themed home.

    antique propeller

    Nautical Pendant 
    Buy Now
    This large explosion-proof cargo pendant is circa 1970s and is certain to make a statement in any home. Price is per piece. A rare and special piece to adorn your interiorscape. 

    nautical pendant light

    Ship's Window Mirror
    Buy Now

    This beautiful salvaged aluminium oblong ship's window has been polished and upcycled into a nautical industrial-style mirror, framed in the finest ship's teak to the rear. 

    ships window mirror


    King Orry II Porthole
    Buy Now

    A genuine salvaged phosphor bronze porthole from the King Orry II, Isle of Mann ferry broken in Liverpool Docks. Rare piece of salvage that would prove an interesting addition to your home. 



    If you are looking for nautical artefacts or maritime antiques in Plymouth, drop in to Stax Reclamation in Saltash- we have a huge collection of treasures and hopefully will have just the thing you were looking for... We look forward to welcoming you soon! 

    Featured photo credit Times.com

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