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The Importance of Quality Wooden Fencing Materials

March 14, 2023

The Importance of Quality Wooden Fencing Materials

Choosing the right fencing for your garden is an important decision and with so many options out there, it can sometimes be a difficult one. When it comes to the environmental cost of putting up a fence, using wood is the most environmentally-friendly option. Not only is wood easily sourced and biodegradable, but it is also a natural, renewable resource that far environmentally out-performs its steel, plastic and concrete fence counterparts massively.

Why Choose Wooden Fencing?

Wooden fencing is widely available and comes in many formats - from the traditional kit form, to panels designed for simple installation, the array of types, styles and shapes is growing every day. Understanding what you need from a fence is crucial to ensure you choose the right option for you. Not only is it easy to find a wooden fence that’s the right size, height, and colour for your property, but it’s also easy to maintain a wooden fence. Repairs are as simple as replacing a board, and changing the look of your fence is as easy as a coat of paint or some new stain.

Here in the South West, we enjoy long hot summers but can also experience high winds and stormy conditions. Fencing needs to not only look the part but to perform admirably too. The old adage 'buy cheap, buy twice' has never been more appropriate than when it comes to wooden fencing! 

Quality Wooden Fencing in Cornwall

Quality is key with anything we sell or make here at Stax Reclamation. We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with a local sawmill to be able to offer sustainable wooden fence panels and fence posts that will not only stand up to the ravages of weather and time, but look incredible too.

The local sawmill we have partnered with to be able to offer you this top-grade, high-quality wooden fencing is renowned for both its exacting standards of production and its high level of commitment to the environment. They take great care when sourcing their stock, ensuring that timber quality, environmental policies and professional competence is paramount, so that the timber is responsibly managed from its origins in the forest until it is delivered to the customer.

wooden fencing

Sustainable Wooden Fencing

All our fencing products are a mix of homegrown Douglas fir and larch and built to last. The wooden fencing materials we stock use up to three times more wood than anything similar in the marketplace, meaning that they are unbeatable when it comes to quality and longevity.  Each item is milled in a local production facility and manufactured to the highest environmental and quality standards. Each piece of wood is kiln-dried before treatment to ensure maximum penetration when pressure-treating with high-performance preservatives.

If you're looking for quality, responsibly sourced great value wooden fencing, then choose Stax. We are a small family-run business that takes great care in the products we sell, ensuring that you only get the very best for your home and garden. If you're looking to update your garden ready for  Spring, come and see the wooden fencing materials we have in stock or get in touch for more info.

We can't wait to welcome you! 


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