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Why Use Reclaimed Building Materials?

February 22, 2023

reclaimed building materials cornwall

Did you know that 20% of the UK’s total ecological footprint is caused by construction materials? This makes the construction trade just one of many industries under increasing pressure to become more sustainable. Buying new building materials negatively impacts the environment due to the high carbon footprint caused by manufacturing and transportation, as well as the methods used in extracting raw materials. 

From renovations to extensions, home improvements to new builds, one way to address this issue is by choosing recycled or reclaimed building materials. 

Thinking more carefully about the origin and production of the things we use is something we should all be doing as we go about our day-to-day lives. Directly substituting reclaimed materials for new in any building work radically reduces the environmental impact of that particular item. Not only do reclaimed building materials make construction projects a bit greener (and quite often cheaper too!), but they add an undeniable touch of character to your property.

What is Meant by Reclaimed Building Materials?

From reclaimed roofing ridge tiles to reclaimed bricks and the ever-popular reclaimed scaffold boards, you’ll find everything you need to build, refurbish, or improve your home or garden here at Stax Reclamation. But what is meant by the term "reclaimed building materials", and why do we do it? 

Salvaged or reclaimed building materials are those which originate from old buildings before they are demolished. Reclaimed materials are sometimes adapted and cut to size, cleaned up and refinished, but fundamentally they are re-used in their original form.

reclaimed bricks
An example of reclaimed bricks used in the home


'Reclaimed' means something different from 'recycled' building materials. For example, recycled bricks may be old bricks which are crushed and recycled into hardcore, whereas reclaimed bricks are those which are cleaned up and reused in their current form. 

Material reclamation is changing the game in the construction industry, providing a cost effective, eco-friendly alternative to harvesting virgin resources and manufacturing new products. Using reclaimed building materials can significantly reduce negative environmental impact and save up to 95% of the embodied costs, as well as reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

reclaimed scaffold boards used in the home
Reclaimed scaffold boards used in the home

Where Can I Buy Reclaimed Building Materials in Cornwall?

Reclaimed Bricks

Whether you're looking for reclaimed bricksVictorian pavers, or reclaimed heat bricks for a project that needs an injection of character, we have the bricks for you. Our collection of bricks are salvaged from demolition or recycling projects meaning that you can rest assured that you're buying responsibly. Whether you are looking for old bricks to create an interesting feature in the garden, or heat bricks to build a fireplace, come and see our vast collection of bricks at our reclamation yard here in Cornwall. 

reclaimed bricks

Reclaimed Ridge Tiles

Here at Stax we offer an impressive range of reclaimed ridge tiles. As a family-run company that specialises in reclaimed building materials, we stock a wide range of ridge tiles, from half round to fancy and a range of angle and roof finials. The possibilities are endless when it comes to our section of reclaimed ridge tiles so why not consider incorporating them into your builds today and give your project the personal touch.

reclaimed ridge tiles

Reclaimed Windows and Stained Glass

From stained glass panels from churches, to slate window sills and beautifully patterned glass from the Victorian era, we have an enviable collection of reclaimed windows and glass here at Stax Reclamation yard. Reclaimed stained glass windows can make a beautiful centrepiece and provide added interest for the eye no matter what your interior scheme. Beautifully original, our reclaimed windows will prove the perfect addition to your renovation project.

reclaimed stained glass

Reclaimed Sleepers

Reclaimed sleepers are a great natural material for any landscaping project, ranging from constructing planters with raised beds or borders and seating areas to setting boundaries and edgings. Whatever your needs, we have a range of reclaimed sleepers, softwood sleepers, oak bollards and so much more... our stock is always updating so if you want something that you don't see here, pop into the yard or give us a call and we'll likely have what you want (or can get it).

reclaimed sleepers


Don’t be afraid to be unconventional with how you search for materials and products for your home. Using reclaimed building materials can give your home that touch of character you're looking for, and will be kind to the environment too. We've been amassing a huge depth of stock in our yard since 1995, whether you need a size match on a floorboard, that perfect Victorian fire surround or something unusual as a focal point in your garden, it's more than likely we'll have what you need. So get in touch and see what we've got in stock, we look forward to welcoming you to our reclamation yard in Saltash!


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