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Ideas of How To Use Annie Sloan Paint Around the Home

August 14, 2023

Ideas of How To Use Annie Sloan Paint Around the Home

If you're a keen upcycler or interior aficionado, it's likely that you've heard of Annie Sloan paintThis versatile paint has become a global phenomenon thanks to its ability to work beautifully on furniture without the need for priming or sanding. 

Here at Stax we stay true to the ethos of salvage through re-purposing unwanted materials. Why trash a beautiful old piece if you can breathe new life into it? Harnessing the magic of Annie Sloan paint is a simple way to enhance your living space and transform a pre-loved piece of furniture into something new.

Official Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Stockists

A few years ago we were delighted to have been selected as one of the few official Annie Sloan Paint stockists in Cornwall. Becoming an official stockist is no mean feat - the company champions independent stockists where Annie Sloan workshops and a strong sense of community are key. They carefully choose fabulous destination stores where excellent customer service and beautiful interior design is at the heart of everything, so Stax Reclamation was a perfect fit!

We have been selling Annie Sloan paint and running workshops for several years now, so we thought it time to show you some inspiration behind what can be achieved when you use Annie Sloan to remind you of how simple and versatile this awesome paint is. Enjoy!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Inspiration 

Annie Sloan developed Chalk Paint in 1990 and has become one of the world’s leading authorities in paint, colour and style. Chalk Paint is very pigmented paint that allows for mixing and layering colours with endless possibilities, without dulling the colours. 

To apply chalk paint, use a bulky brush and work quickly. Don’t worry if there are lots of visible brush strokes after the first coat – these should even out after you’ve applied the second. When you’re satisfied with the amount of coats you’ve applied and let them dry thoroughly, you can then decide whether you want to add wax to your project. If you’ve used chalk paint on walls, it's usually best to leave them unwaxed for a soft finish, but most other chalk paint projects will benefit from a coat of wax - it will prevent marks and properly seal the paint.

Upcycling Vintage Drawers

A modern, yet stylish must-have in any home, this retro cabinet was upcycled using a mixture of three Annie Sloan colours - Old White, Scandinavian Pink and English Yellow. To recreate this stylish look, we recommend using masking tape to make your individual design as neat as possible. 

We have a set of industrial drawers for sale here which would work brilliantly with this colourful accent effect. 

Giving Reclaimed Cabinets an Ombre Update

This vibrant cabinet glows with holiday vibes, and we all know we could do with a bit of sunshine at the moment! Begin by painting the bottom of the piece with a thin layer of Capri Pink. Paint the top half of your piece with Barcelona Orange. Repeat the process to give your piece full coverage, there should be a distinct line in between each colour.

Then, starting with your Capri Pink brush, paint over where the two colours meet, then whilst the paint is still wet, take the other brush and work Barcelona Orange into the Capri Pink.  Make sure you allow the brushes to pick up excess paint and mix small amounts of each colour together throughout the piece. Work so one colour is painted on in one direction and the other colour is painted in the opposite direction. A light touch is most effective when doing this. (Thanks to Stitch Lifestyle for the hack!)

We think this ombre effect would work amazingly on an antique dresser to create a really standout look.

If you're not sure about adding bold colour to your home, Annie suggests painting a bright colour on the inside of furniture - drawers, cabinets and cupboards - rather than the outside, to add a bit of interest to your home without overwhelming it. 

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets With Annie Sloan Paint

A lick of paint will transform your kitchen at a fraction of the cost, let alone the fuss, of getting the professionals in. This kitchen has been painted using Scandinavian Pink, Napoleonic Blue and Burgundy Chalk Paint on the tiles. That’s right, Chalk Paint can even be used on tiling too! The floors are painted with Chalk Paint in Old White and Athenian Black. We love the synchronicity of this calming, creative space. 

Kitchen cupboards in premixed Aubusson Blue and Emperor's Silk Chalk Paint, Wall in Antoinette Wall Paint by Annie Sloan.

Annie Sloan Wall Paint

Annie Sloan paint is quick to dry and can be used for a number of different paint techniques meaning that you can use it on almost any surface to create a beautiful look that is so individually 'you'. Because of its velvety, ultra-matt finish it looks amazing and can give a really unique effect depending on how you use it. 

Candy Stripes

Pink is the colour of the moment! Use soft, dusky pinks like Piranesi Pink in bedrooms for their calming and restorative qualities. 


Colour Blocking with Annie Sloan Wall Paint

Nothing divides a space better than some perfectly-executed colour blocking. Here, Enikő of @nemiskacat has created the ultimate study corner using serene grey-green Terre Verte and earth-toned mustard Carnaby Yellow together.

Why not be creative with colour and paint your wall panelling for a bold, dramatic effect? This panelled wall is painted using AntoinetteBarcelona Orange and Emperor's Silk chalk paint by Annie Sloan. 


'Chalk Paint is one paint that can be used in so many different ways' Annie explains. 'You can create washes of colour, thick and textured paint, layered colours, or a smooth modern finish. There are so many different looks and techniques – you can really achieve anything you like' she adds.

Whatever you choose to do, inject some personality into your home by choosing Annie Sloan Paint which you can purchase from us in person, or online here. We'll be running some more workshops next year so stay tuned and follow our Facebook and Instagram to be the first to hear!

We look forward to seeing your inspiring upcycling Chalk Paint projects! Please share them with us over on social using the tag #StaxXAnnieSloan - we can't wait to see what you come up with! 

Stax xx

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