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Why Reclaimed Wood is Having its Day

July 01, 2021

Why Reclaimed Wood is Having its Day

The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood is a timeless way to add character to your home and garden. When you choose to shop for reclaimed wood you are investing in history. 

Reclaimed wood has a certain warmth and charm that you just can’t get from newly manufactured equivalents. Not only that, but by breathing new life into old wood by treating and repurposing it we can reduce our carbon footprint and ensure it lasts for years to come. 

Salvaged wood stands the test of time. If you’re looking to know more about reclaimed wood and see how it can beautifully enhance your latest renovation and DIY projects you’ve certainly come to the right place.  Whether you want some reclaimed oak beams or farmhouse doors to add olde worlde style to your latest project, or are looking for lengths of reclaimed timber to transform into flooring, shelving or panelling, we have an amazing selection here at our sprawling reclamation yard in Cornwall

reclaimed railway sleepers

What is Reclaimed Wood?

In a nutshell, reclaimed wood is wood which is reused. For example, relaying the oak floor boards from an old boat into a modern apartment,  or repurposing an old gnarled roof beam as a mantelpiece. Reclaimed wood is wood which has a history (and deserves a future). 

Reclaimed wood doesn’t usually differ much from its original state. This means that it might get sanded back or given an oil treatment to increase its longevity, but it will retain that unique depth of character which makes it so special.  

Characteristics of Reclaimed Wood

Due to weathering, age and usage, no two pieces of reclaimed wood are exactly the same. The uniqueness of old wood is extremely special and adds to its charm.  The weathering makes wood take on different colours and distinctions - something that you just don’t get with new wood.

reclaimed wooden floorboards

If you compare old flooring built in Edwardian and Victorian homes with modern timber flooring you’ll notice that the planks in modern homes are far narrower. Reclaimed wooden flooring planks are usually wider than their newer counterparts. That’s because the trees have been cut early to make the planks and haven’t been allowed to grow and reach their full size. As a result, the planks used in newer flooring aren’t as wide as those in reclaimed flooring so this is something to bear in mind when choosing old wooden flooring. 

Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood 

You probably already know that over-forestation means that there are fewer trees in our forests, jungles and woods. Because of this it is crucial to remove the need for cutting down new trees. We can do this by using reclaimed wood. Alongside reclaimed wood, we also stock a large selection live edge sawn hardwood planks which are sustainably sourced from naturally-fallen timber.

When wood is mixed with other sorts of waste in landfill, it doesn’t decompose properly. As a result it can release methane gas (which is one of the main causes of global warming).  In the UK, putting wood in landfill results in approximately 3000 tonnes of usable timber being either burned or sent to landfill daily which can be extremely detrimental to the health of our beautiful planet.

naturally-fallen timber

As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to buy reclaimed wood, reclaimed wooden flooring is stronger and will last longer than flooring produced from new timber. The grain in the reclaimed timber is much denser than new wood so it’s less likely to warp. Also, old wood is less likely to split because it has been exposed to different atmospheres and temperatures for so long that it’s already done all the expanding and contracting it’s ever going to do. In other words it’s already dried out and so won’t need to do so any further and has quite literally stood the test of time. Age gives reclaimed wood a strength and durability that you just won’t find with new wood.

reclaimed scaffold boards cornwall

Ingenious Uses for Reclaimed Scaffold Boards 

One of the most commonly asked questions we get asked (along with "where can I buy railway sleepers?") is "do you sell reclaimed scaffold boards?". 
Old scaffolding boards can be incredibly versatile and you might be surprised about their uses. From benches and bridges to planters and pergolas, beds in the bedroom or beds for your vegetables… old scaffold boards provide a perfectly usable source of reclaimed wood which you perhaps hadn’t yet considered using before.

There are so many ingenious ways people use this quality reclaimed wood which is great news for the environment as it means that it will be kept out of landfill and enjoy a new lease of life by being upcycled and repurposed. Just like this gorgeous blonde wood reclaimed scaffold board dining table we made!  

scaffold board dining table

Our reclaimed used scaffold boards and railway sleepers are both hotly sought after and we have a bit of a waiting list for these. Do pop in to see what we’ve got and browse our extensive yard - our reclaimed wood stock and scaffold board pile is always changing as we seek out more sources of the good stuff to satisfy demand!

Reclaimed Timber Merchant in Cornwall

Whether you’re looking for reclaimed mahogany hardwood, salvaged pine, old Victorian floorboards or even reclaimed timber surrounds or a reclaimed mantel for a fireplace, we’ve got it all at Stax Reclamation.

The other good news is that we are approved stockists of Annie Sloan paint so we can also provide all the shades and wax treatments you need to make that reclaimed wooden furniture look as unique as you are.

Get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for… we might just have exactly what you need!

reclaimed wooden wall pannelling

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